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Lending Resources for Schools

Below are a list of the available PCSP Diagnostics that we hold at Mayo Education Centre.

Diagnostic Reading Analysis - Manual & Reading Booklet - Forms A & B. Mary Crumpler & Colin Mc Carthy.

Cloze Reading Tests 1-3 - D. Young.

Non reading Intelligence Tests - Level 1 to 3.

PPVT 4 - Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test & Manual (Form A) in Carry Case.

PPVT 4 - Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test & Manual (Form B) in Carry Case.

Pearson - Dyslexia Screening Kit.


Bury Infant Check - Manual.

Beads & Blindfold Set.

Score Sheets & Score Keys.

Reading Acetates 1 - 16.

Scorer Version CD - DST - J, Dyslexia Screening Test

Belfield Infant Assessment Profile - Pupil Profile Booklet.

The Inclusion Toolkit - Book B - Troubleshooting.

Phonological Assessment Battery - Manual & Test Materials.

Non Verbal Reasoning - Age 8 & 9 - Teachers Guide.

Basic Number Screening Test Manual - Forms A & B - Ages 7 to 12.

Progress in Maths 7 - Teachers Guide & CD & At a Glance Guide.

Cognitive Abilities Set 3 - Teachers Guide.

The Middle Infant Screening Tests & forward Together Programme - Teachers Guide.

Learning Support Checklist Folder: PCSP



At Early Risk Indicators

Indicators of Possible Dyslexia Risk. 1* Demo CD for all ages - computerised Screening for Dyslexia -(LUCID).

Test 2 R - (2019).

YARC – GL. Assessment - (2020

Please see below a list of other resources available from Mayo Education Centre

Bee Bots

Bronze Age Handling Kits



Musical Instruments


Samba Drums



The ESCI (Education Support Centres Ireland) website pulls in courses from Education Centres all over the country allowing you view all courses taking place nationwide.

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