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Memory & Recall: The Study-Review System


‘Switching on for Learning: Becoming an Independent Learner’ - A 6 module programme for second-level schools

The provision of a new second-level teacher/guidance counsellor education programme entitled ‘Switching on for Learning: Becoming an Independent Learner’, a programme designed to support educators to enable their second-level students to study more effectively, take control of their own learning, and develop healthy mindsets. 

This will be achieved through a range of interactive approaches to include discussion, hands-on exercises, explainer videos, downloadable resources and student feedback, a feature of each of the 6 modules outlined below.

Duration: 1 hr 15 mins per module, via Zoom, over a 6 week period.

Programme Content

Module 1: Your Brain and Learning: Approaches to optimise students’ learning strengths

Module 2: Getting Motivated: Developing a sense of purpose

Module 3: Managing Time: Learning to Plan

Module 4: Reading to Learn: Learning to Summarise (Study & Learning Strategies)

Module 5: Memory & Recall: The Study-Review System

This course examines what’s involved in memory and recall and explores memorable ways to enable students to make meaningful connections to their learning.

Intended Audience: Teachers (upper primary and second-level), Guidance Counsellors, Study Skills Co-ordinators, Parents.

Duration: 1hr 15mins.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:

✅ have an increased awareness about short and long-term memory, and the implications of the forgetting curve.

✅ understand metalearning, the importance of a master plan and a study-review system

✅ explore memorable ways to enable students to make meaningful connections to their learning


Module 6: Sitting the Exam: Managing Stress

As each module is stand alone, you can register to attend one or all six dates.


Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 08-12-2022 7:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 08-12-2022 8:15 pm
Capacity 25
Cut off date 08-12-2022 11:00 am
Fee Free
Number Hours 1.15
Speaker Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames
Location Online Course

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