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booklist D-G


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Dancing with the Pen - The Ministry of Education

Databases in Historical Research - Harvey and Press

Day to Day Dyslexia in The Classroom - Polloch and Waller

DCU Reambeolaire Focheimea 02

Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miles

Decade of Collaboration

December Bride - Sam Hanna Bell

Department of Education And Science Strategy Statement

Describing Understanding Challenging The Story of Human Development

Design And Make it Food Technology

Design And Make it Textiles Technology

Design And Technology Foundation


Developing a School Plan - Department of Education

Developing a School Plan Guidelines for Primary Schools - Department of Education

Development Education - Department of Education

Development Education 02-03

Development Education 2002-2003 Resource Guide

Disability Related Research in Ireland 1996-2001

Disciplines in Schools

Discovery Primary Science - Forfá¡s

Diversity at School - Lodge, Lynch

Does it Have to Rhyme - Brown-John

Doing Your Research Project - Judith Bell

Double Vision - Michael Benton

Draft Guidelines For Teachers of English - Department of Education

Drama, Arts Education

Drama Attack - Donald C. Stewart

Draught Guidelines For Teachers of English - Department of Education

Drochla Ruairi

Drug Use And Abuse


Dyslexia 2nd Edition

Dyslexia A Practitioners Handbook - Gavin Reid


Early Literacy in the Classroom

Echos of Suicide - Siobhain Foster-Ryan


Ecstasy and other Stories - Ri O'Laighleis

Eduactional Resource A Brief Discription of The Irish Education System - Department of Education

Eduactional Resource On The Topic of Behavioural Problems

Education For a Pluralist Society

Education for Life The Achievements of 15 Year Olds in Ireland in the Second Cycle of PISA - Cosgrove, Shiel, Sofroniou, Zastrutzki, Shortt

Education Resources Available On The Topic of Hearing Impairment

Education Resources On The Topic Syndromes

Education Service

Education Teachers Reform and Renewal

Educational Disadvantage in Ireland

Educational Resource On Learning Disabilities

Educational Resource On The Topic Multiple Disabilities

Educational Resource On The Topic of Autism

Educational Resource On Visual Impairment

Educational Resource Physical Disabilities

Effective Decision Making

Eire Versible

Electrical Safety Programme

Empire of The Sun - JG Ballard

Encyclopedia of Needlework - Weldons

End of an Eire - John Malachy Raferty

English - Additional Support Material - Department of Education

English as a Creative Art

English for Tomorrow

English Teaching in Secondary School

Enterprise Materials Resource Pack for Teachers LCVP

Equal Citizens - Disability Legislation Consultation Group

Equity in The Learning Process A Manual of Case Studies

Erin Spection

Essential Computer Applications 2nd Edition

Establishing Cross Curriculur Links LCVP

European Movement Ireland

Everyday Genius - Kevin Flanagan

Examining Gender Gender And Achievement in Junior And Leaving Cert Exams 2000-2001

Examining Our Times - Tony Humphreys

Exempler Material for Junior Cert

Experience Interaction Curriculum

Experience Interaction Curriculum Guidelines

Exploring Equal Opportunities

Exploring Europe

Exploring Masculinities

Exploring Refugee Issues A Resource for Students of 13 Years And Above

Extending Literacy - David Wray


Faculty of Computing & Matematical Science

Faculty of Engineering and Design

Faculty of Humanities 2001

Faculty of Science and Health

Failte Ireland Transition Year Programme - NDP

Fair Shares Combat Poverty Agency

Family Involvement in Literacy

Family Learning

Far From the Maddening Crowd - Thomas Hardy

Fat Felts And Sugar Paper

Field Studies in History - Gogarty Jordan and Soblewski

Final Report from Junior to Leaving Cert

Fiontar Entry 2001

Fire Safety Handbook

First National Conference on Suicide Prevention in Schools December 2000

Fly Away Peter - David Malouf

Fontanellato - Ricci

Franko Maria

Food Science Nutrition And Health

Food Technology An Introduction

Forms of Narrative

Further And 3rd Level Education Support

Future Directions


Gaeilge Curaclam na Bunscoile

Gaelic Football Skills - Eoin Liston

Gaelic Football Skills Manual

Gaisce - The Presidents Award

Gaisce The Presidents Award

Gamesters Handbook 2 - Donna Brandes

Gender Matters

Gender Politics And Exploring Masculinties in Irish Education - Mac an Ghaill, Hanafin and Conway

General Planning

Geography Curriculum for Primary Schools

Geopraphy History Social Political and Environmental Education

Get into Life

Getting Back to Work

Glossary European Union

Glovemaking - Mary Abbott

Go Cuin Faili

Go Wild at School

Gold Card Pilot Project Limerick Education Centre

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

Guide to Development Education Resource 2004-2005

Guide to European History

Guide to Irish History

Guide to NCVA Awards - National Council for Vocational Award

Guide to Programmes

Guidelines for Developing a School Substance Use Policy

Guidelines on Traveller Educaction

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